Chinese New Year Is A Second Chance To Reset

I hope that you've been feeling well and blessed in your life. I don't know about you, but I've been really struggling since the year started. What kicked off as a bang with Align Fest turned into weeks of feeling confused, lost, and unsure. I didn't have my normal energy or drive and felt like I was in the pits.

I'm not particularly eager to talk about that kind of stuff because it makes it feel real and painful. However, I discovered that other people were feeling the same way. My team was also energetically struggling. People were sharing on social media that it was okay to feel blah. Scientific journals even expressed the normalcy of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I felt like I was moving through mud, and this is exactly what the world felt like during Venus and Mercury in Retrograde. But the energy is starting to shift, move, and I feel like I'm starting to awaken from a fog.

It's a planetary shift and one that may have to do with the auspicious timing of Chinese New Year starting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Venus is now going direct, and Mercury will do the same starting February 4, 2022.

It's happening, and you, my friend, are exactly where you need to be at this time, nowhere else.

I find that Chinese New Year is a second chance at a reset. Whatever didn't get done, set into motion, or attended to from 2021 gives you the small window to energetically get yourself aligned to moving forward. Actions that you take NOW will help your body-mind-spirit feel aligned to its path and purpose.

So what are some of those key actions you can take to prepare yourself for this new year reset? Here are three tips to help you clear the old to welcome the new:


Attend to old mail and old stuff

  • Nothing drags your energy down like feeling like a bridge between the past and present and holding on to old stuff as well as stuff you no longer use but keep around "just because" actually weighs down your ability to receive and be open to Source's bounty.


Clean up your space

  • When Chinese New Year begins, there are some serious NO-NO's that they consider bad luck or inauspicious. Cleaning, sweeping, and washing are great BEFORE Chinese New Year but doing it on the new year connotates driving money, prosperity, and luck away. Plus, cleaning your space makes you feel relaxed in the spaciousness of receiving new and expansive energy.


Get rid of broken plates/furnishings/material items in the home that no longer serve you.

  • Keeping something broken reinforces to the Universe that you don't believe you can have something new, in good working condition, or in receiving blessings. Getting rid of broken items creates opportunities to receive. It lightens the energetic load of worry and miserliness, and it also increases your prosperity when you 'drink from a cup that doesn't leak.'


These simple actions can give you the energetic reset that contributes to feeling good, stable, and grounded in your home. It lightens up your space and makes you feel like you're contributing to your prosperity and success. Most of all, you're tuning in to the vibration of Presence and NOW. When you attend to your space and yourself, you're reinforcing your luck and being blessings with what you have. This attention and presence help to multiply into more.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, here are some great suggestions to help you enjoy this special day:


Use this day as a special day of greeting your friends and family.

  • You may offer oranges, chocolate, or other tasty treats that reinforce the body-mind-spirit's good health, wealth, and vitality. Some traditions, however, follow visiting family/parents on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year as this is considered more auspicious and doesn't incur bad luck.


Avoid sweeping the floor or throwing away your trash.

  • This action connotates throwing your money and prosperity away. The best time to sweep and prepare your space is the day before so that you can rest in the spaciousness of knowing that you are containing and growing your wealth and abundance within.


Avoid wearing white or black.

  • These colors are also contorted with bad luck energy. One is encouraged to wear colorful clothes, especially red, energizing, and welcoming of the new year's energy.


Avoid lending or borrowing money.

  • Keep your money close to you on New Years Day. By borrowing or lending, you are setting a precedence in the world that money or prosperity won't stay with you and grow. Choose another day to lend or borrow and use Chinese New Year to be grateful for what you have.


Avoid washing - washing clothes, washing your hair, or washing your car.

  • This energy of washing connotates 'washing your prosperity or luck' away. Again, this is a great time to prep your space and yourself so that you can expand into BEING rather than doing.


Remember, Chinese New Year (along with the regular New Year) is ONE DAY, and you get an opportunity to reset yourself. Aren't you lucky? I definitely feel it. That's why I've been cleaning, releasing, and setting up my space to be a beautiful receptacle of positivity, vitality, prosperity, and good energy.  

You can do this, and if you've found yourself feeling in the dumps or touching on the blues, this is a great way to clear those energies before you get another start to the new energy of this year. And…if you just don't feel like doing anything, honor that too.

You're exactly where you need to be now, and that's what really matters.

Happy Chinese New Year, friends! Stay blessed, happy, healthy, and prosperous!


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