Acknowledging Mothers' Sacrifices

Are you a mama? If so, this is for you.


Each year on Mother's Day, I always take a little bit of time to be mindful, grateful, and ponder the purpose of motherhood.

After having a lovely conversation with my mother on Saturday, I turned inward and looked at mothers' sacrifices throughout time. I even spent time with Mother Earth, dipping my feet in her waters to commune and connect with her spirit.

It's not something that we often talk about because many mothers are capable of multi-tasking and doing so much. 

However, we often don't ask what the mothers gave up to fulfill their role.

Many mothers give up their dreams of something 'more,' foregoing their bliss and passions to care for their families and children. Some mothers sacrifice their time, energy, and heart to fuel other people's dreams. Others sacrifice self-care and personal time so that their families, friends, peers, and work can take precedence.

We often don't see that because mothers take on many roles. As a result, many of them hide the overwhelming tasks on their list. They don't always express it, but many are tired, overwhelmed, and under-supported.

In my last conversation with my mom, she apologized for putting any pressure on my life and her choices when I was younger. This apology came out of nowhere, and to receive it was the most healing gift I could imagine. I told my mom that I understood more than I could express why things turned out the way they did.

My mother sacrificed a lot to be here in the United States. She left her family to immigrate, set up a foundation, and work hard to bring everyone else here. She worked tirelessly to build up her business and gain financial freedom and sustainability. She wept quietly when her heart was overwhelmed with pain from the actions and words that my Dad, sister, and I thoughtlessly cast. She bore the burden of responsibility for being the matriarch and the oldest of four children born during the war. It was a lot of pressure to reach a goal that her mother set for her.

I can't thank my mother enough for her sacrifice, and it makes me conscious of the sacrifices I've made for my daughter.

I sacrificed a certain level of freedom to raise a precious human being that I love so wholeheartedly and unconditionally. I sacrificed time and work so that she could have a roof over her head, good food to eat, and a healthy body. I sacrificed my happiness and heartaches to learn the love lessons along the way to show my daughter HOW to be treated and loved as a woman.

Sacrifice is something we often don't think of when we think of our Mothers, but this is what comes to my mind first.

I think of Mother Earth and what she has sacrificed to give us a home. We plunder and consume the resources of Mother Earth without a second thought as to how we give back. We're so hungry and always sucking on the teat of our home planet, thinking she's invincible and eternal. We constantly want more and Mother Earth is willing to give, but it's starting to come with a price.

I think of the sacrifices of countless mothers who've worked tirelessly to provide for their families, taking on menial jobs that others may not want to do. I think of the sacrifices mothers make to put their happiness and purpose second to raising a family. Finally, I think of the sacrifices mothers have had to make when choosing between life and death.

It's not an easy task, yet motherhood never promised to be.

Therefore, I offer my deep gratitude to all the countless mothers - visible and invisible - who have never been acknowledged, validated, or supported for their efforts. You are the reason we are here and continue to be a bridge to love, acceptance, and emotional balance. I apologize to countless mothers who've felt lonely, isolated, or disconnected from their community. Finally, I support the countless mothers who are still trying to find their way and occasionally need to forgive themselves for losing it or flying off the handle.

You're only human, and you're doing an amazing job. Whether it's to humans or pets, being a mother takes a lot of heart, effort, and soul. I see you. I know you. I love you, and I acknowledge your sacrifices along the way.

If you're not a mother but a mother to others, this counts as you too! Love is love and how you choose to show, share and exemplify love is how you mother yourself.


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