What does Grief teach us about Love?

Grief has an incredible way of teaching us about love.

Recently, my family experienced a very tragic loss in the form of my aunt. She was quite a powerhouse of a lady and left a legacy of beautiful children and grandchildren, all carrying an imprint of spitfire and courage. When she passed, a huge hole opened in our family. Many people, including my cousins (her children and grandchildren), got swallowed up in that hole and felt only the loss.

However, grief has an incredible way of teaching us about love.

And love…. that's what I'm going to talk about this week.

After all, we're celebrating one of Hallmark's biggest holidays, Valentine's Day, and I don't want to diminish the powerful effects of love. And...I want to focus on something other than romantic love, with or without partnership. I'm on a train of thought here. Stay with me, friend.

As I said, grief has an incredible way of teaching us about love.

During my aunt's transition and passing, many people flew in from around...

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What does grief look like?

You know that phrase - When it rains, it pours? 

Whooo-boy, am I soaking wet right now. It's a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride right now, but that's not where I'm going to leave you.

I want to take a moment to get real about grief.

Grief is something that we all share. We experience it when we are 'separated' from Source and arrive on this plane in our human vessel. We also feel it when we separate from our loved ones and all we know to go back to Source.

No one is immune to it, and everyone through different stages of their life will experience it more than once.

Grief can differ from disappointments that stack into micro-griefs, which can also become full-blown-body-wrecking losses. The spectrum is vast, and the timeline is intimately personal.

No one can say that you've grieved long enough or that you haven't grieved enough. Grief is an intimate and personal experience between you, your Higher Self, and those you influence and impact.

I'm experiencing the spectrum of...

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Lunar New Year Stories and Mantras

Happy Lunar New Year to you!

I've recently gone through the gauntlet of emotions, feeling the highs and lows of the changing season. The internal dialogue in my mind has either been my friend or my antagonist. It's been quite eye-opening.

I've got an interesting set of stories to share with you on what it takes to master perspective in your life.

I recently met again with one of my old nemeses…MAIL. You read that correctly. I've had a long-standing feud with mail - both physical and digital. I've found myself buried in letters, direct mail, and credit card offers from the past four years, and I just never wanted to deal with it. My brain literally finds something immediately to do instead of facing the mail. As the Chinese Lunar New Year was approaching, I realized that if I didn't face this old nemesis, I would be in the same situation the next year. All the old deep stories came flooding the surface, including memories of my mom's office drowning in mail and magazines....

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How to Find Your Inner Magic and Mojo

Do you feel like you've lost your spark?  Are you feeling disconnected from your Inner Magic and Mojo?

It's a new year ahead, and we're coming through a three-planet Retrograde season. Do you feel like you're moving through mud? Are you feeling the heavy vibes out there? Need to be more motivated? Are people around you acting like crazy fools?

Relax… you're exactly where you need to be right now. At least, that's what I keep telling myself daily to stay aligned and on track.

However, I may have been glazing over a bigger theme running under the surface. 

Recently, I had a session with my couple's therapist, and I had to admit something that I didn't want to.

I was tired. I felt fatigued. I didn't want to do anything that required 'work.' And this admission came after a four-day restful period of glamping and digital detoxing.  

Admitting that I felt fatigued and tired isn't my norm. I operate at two speeds: GO and STOP.

So when my GO was slowed down, all...

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January 2023 Forecast


Hey there, it's January 2023, and the new year can be intimidating.

But don't worry, we've got this. It's time to ditch the resolutions that never stick and kick off the new year with sass, boldness, and style. No more playing it safe or settling for less. Instead, it's time to go after what we want and make this year our best one yet. So let's put on our best outfit, turn up the music, and get ready to take on 2023 with confidence and flair. It's time to shine, buddy!

But first, let's talk about the three planets currently in retrograde. So grab your crystals and prepare for some seriously sassy astrological shenanigans. Mercury, Mars, and Uranus are currently in retrograde, which can affect and influence how 2023 starts.

During this time, communication may go haywire, and technology may act up, so don't be surprised if you have a few extra frustrating moments. And forget about making any major decisions immediately because, with Mercury in Retrograde, things are bound to get a...

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Reflect, Renew, and Rejoice: How to Make the Most of the End of the Year

The phrase "reflect, renew, and rejoice" suggests three key ways to make the most of the end of the year: reflection, renewal, and celebration. 

Reflecting on the past year involves taking the time to think about the things that happened over the year and how they impacted you. This might include making a list of accomplishments, challenges, and things you're grateful for. 

Renewal involves:

  • Looking ahead.
  • Setting goals for the coming year.
  • Taking care of yourself and your well-being. 

Finally, rejoicing involves finding joy and celebrating the end of one year and the start of another. This action might involve spending time with loved ones, doing something fun, or practicing gratitude. By taking the time to reflect, renew, and rejoice, you can end the year on a positive note and set the stage for a successful and fulfilling year ahead.

It's natural to want to reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead to the future. Whether you're looking to set new goals,...

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Appreciation is a gateway drug to feeling good


How appreciation can become a gateway drug to feeling good...

The adage, "What you give, you get," is so true, especially regarding appreciation. Practicing appreciation can instantaneously shift your perspective and change your entire outlook on life for the better.

Appreciation is an important precursor to gratitude because it opens the door to the act of thanksgiving. However, you can't express gratitude until you've experienced appreciation first. 

Appreciation is a gateway drug to seeing the good things in your life. When you focus on the good, the more of it you'll see. It becomes the filter for how you see the world, which means… you're permitting yourself to choose a perspective of joy, happiness, and possibility. 

When you anchor the foundation of appreciation in your life, you can easily express gratitude to others. You know what this gratitude is based on; it becomes a state for living authentically and in the moment. 

And when you pay it forward by...

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November Forecast, Lunar Eclipse and 11/11...what's happening this month


We have a MAJOR planetary experience this week. 

There's a Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Full Moon on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and the 11/11 Portal opening on Friday. So big messages are coming through from just these two planetary events.  

Check out my video on the November 2022 Forecast, where I cover the meaning of the Lunar Eclipse, the 11/11 Portal, and Six Key areas of life that the RKs wanted to cover.

There are some important themes for the month. These themes include cultivation, nurturing, and presence. 

We're coming into the season of the year where certain patterns begin to override our normal schedule, which can include holidays, gift-giving, travel, and more.

With the energy of the Lunar Eclipse, 11/11, and MARS in Retrograde, it may feel like a funky period where you're feeling excited and energetic, but the response from the world is a bit slower than you would like.

What do you do?  

  • Force it to happen?

  • Push through no matter...

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What's truly standing in the way of your greatness?

The dictionary defines greatness as 'the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.'

There's a lot more to the term 'distinguished or eminent' because it's an awareness that 'you have arrived.'

So, I'd like to ask you a difficult question…do you feel like you've arrived at your greatness?

Many of you that are reading this question are shaking your head. You wanted to attend the Imposter Syndrome training, but you held back for fear that you weren't deserving enough, or you pushed it to the back of your mind.

But something continues to eat at you…a feeling that somehow you're not quite living up to your true potential.

And that doesn't mean you're bad or failing at life. On the contrary, you may be in a time where you're doing the best you can. You're learning, evolving, healing, and taking care of your own stuff. But to call yourself in your state of greatness?!?

Maybe that's a stretch, but I will say this.

No one can tell you that you're in the moment of your...

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It's not too late to manifest a miracle...

It's not too late to manifest a miracle if you're looking for it every day.

That's how I felt when we recently wrapped up our most recent mini-training to Clear Blocks to Imposter Syndrome. It was a great success and a huge miracle for our community in The Akashic Collective. 

It was such a needed experience as we all occasionally face Imposter Syndrome, feeling not good enough or even worthy at times.

Good thing we had the Akashic Records, Record Keepers and Archangel Metatron helping to clear any blocks, patterns or lifetimes in the way where we didn't stand in our own true authenticity.

Did you miss the mini-training and would like to catch it? Here's the link to the replay.

As I said...it's not too late to manifest a miracle in your life.  I am seriously witnessing these miracles every single day. I write something down in my journal and it arrives by the end of the day.

The RKs say it's because:

  • I'm doing the work to stay clear and open
  • I've done some major...
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