Happy Mercury in Retrograde!

Hope you are hanging in there and thriving! There sure is a lot of noise out there in the world, right?

All those stimuli can surely make it difficult to hear, recognize or understand what the Universe is sending. What it does is bury you in...worry.

You’re not alone.

Most people are worried and trying to figure out what’s going on, what's happening next and why things aren't changing. They're feeling like they've been stuck on a hamster wheel for a while now and they're ready to get off.

They’ve been in their heads far too long and they're over it.

Hey, I get ya!  I've been in my head for too long also, and I naturally live there as a Gemini. But when this message came through from the Record Keepers...it was VERY LOUD and CLEAR that they needed to get some clarity to come through to our collective.

Worry drains us.

It disconnects us from our internal guidance system. It's an illusion that feeds the ego, keeping the soul in a...

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Facing Discomfort

I hope you’re doing well.

How are you feeling today? I wanted to check in because there have been such heavy vibes that have been weighing our world down. You are not alone.

Most people are overwhelmed and stressed right now because they’re feeling the pressure of what's happening around the world.

There's anger, sadness, pain and frustration.

I’ve got to be honest…I can tell. I've been feeling it too, and that’s why I want to help you.

In this live video, I’m going to explain what’s causing this dissonance and discomfort. I'll also explain WHAT ONE THING will help you feel safe, aligned and on track.

I've got to admit...this was a bit of a hard and emotional live stream.

I'm usually so positive, upbeat and happy. This one was a very vulnerable share and made me feel like I was on the verge of just breaking down, but the RK (Record Keepers) asked me to deliver this so I showed up.

Click here to watch now. I hope you know how much I...

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Give Yourself Time

Do you feel like you're caught in the trap of busyness but not moving forward?

Perhaps there's an invitation to step back and sit with yourself.

It's a small gift that can take 30 seconds to hours. You're the one that determines how much you're willing to give yourself.

That gift is time.

Oh, time - that old friend that we've journeyed with for many incarnations, calling us to sit with it in the present moment as it slips away to become the past. She's (and I call time 'she' for a reason) one with our nature, an aspect of our essence as we live the multi-dimensional awareness of all time happening now.

Time has been a gift I've given myself recently when I realized that every part of my body, mind, and Spirit didn't want to create, push or offer anything. I couldn't. Something was stopping me.

I thought at first it was procrastination that was being fed by a lack of motivation. I was internally beating myself up for not following my timeline, but something in me was anchored to the...

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Acknowledging Mothers' Sacrifices

Are you a mama? If so, this is for you.


Each year on Mother's Day, I always take a little bit of time to be mindful, grateful, and ponder the purpose of motherhood.

After having a lovely conversation with my mother on Saturday, I turned inward and looked at mothers' sacrifices throughout time. I even spent time with Mother Earth, dipping my feet in her waters to commune and connect with her spirit.

It's not something that we often talk about because many mothers are capable of multi-tasking and doing so much. 

However, we often don't ask what the mothers gave up to fulfill their role.

Many mothers give up their dreams of something 'more,' foregoing their bliss and passions to care for their families and children. Some mothers sacrifice their time, energy, and heart to fuel other people's dreams. Others sacrifice self-care and personal time so that their families, friends, peers, and work can take precedence.

We often don't see that because mothers take on many roles. As...

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Facing the Heart of the Beast - Part 3 of 3

Do you always know what you need?

I don't. That's why it's so valuable to give yourself time for self-reflection, assimilation, and integration. Oh, and I occasionally like to get readings to find out where I'm at or how I'm doing.

It's been nearly a month since I returned from my trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It's taken nearly this long to assimilate and integrate what's happened and what I've experienced because I gave myself the gift I normally don't do: self-reflection.

For the last year or two, the world around me has slowed down. I did the opposite. I ramped up and got wildly busy, teaching and offering a spectrum of Masterclasses that pushed me way past my comfort zone and opened me to a deeper connection with the Akashic Records.

I met every invitation brought to me by The Record Keepers (RK's) and my team with a YES and didn't stop to think through the outcome or consequences of any action.

 I kept showing up. I kept delivering. I kept going and going and going.


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Facing the Heart of the Beast - Part 2 of 3

The Magic of Master Jesus

One of my favorite locations in Nicaragua is a beautiful coastal city called San Juan Del Sur, nestled in the Pacific Ocean by a bay overlooked by a 134-meter or 440-foot statue of Master Jesus.

This statue stands 100 meters or 328 feet above sea level. It is known as the Cristo de La Misericordia or Christ of the Mercy. We decided to visit this statue at 7:00 in the morning to avoid the day's heat. Little did we know that the upward climb from sea level meant a 45° incline hike. No big deal, right?

For this marshmallow, it was. I found myself huffing and puffing, getting deeper out of my comfort bubble as I walked slowly towards the statue. I took breaks as I was overcome with breathlessness, gasping for air as the elevation continued.

Somewhere in my mind, I cried out, "Please, Jah, if this will be this bad, send help!"

Within 5 minutes of that request, a taxi magically showed up...at 7:15 a.m.

Boy, Spirit works in mysterious ways. The Time Lords are...

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Facing the Heart of the Beast Part 1-3

Popping The Comfort Bubble

Have you ever felt the wanderlust pull you from the comforts of your bubble?

What happens when you answer the call of the wild to be free and set foot into the unknown?

Well, my friend, you just signed up for an adventure. Adventure can have many faces, experiences, and lessons. But unfortunately, we often don’t know what we sign up for when we’re called to explore new locations, visit historical sites, or be enfolded by Mother Nature in her pure, raw form.

There’s something in our makeup that makes us want to face the heart of the beast. The beast isn’t some external force or factor that we face. It’s ourselves.

It’s our inner nature, world, and perspective that we must face to make peace with the hunger within that desires to know more about the world around it.

That’s how I felt when my comfort bubble popped, and I landed in Costa Rica and Nicaragua during the beginning of their summer months. But...

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The Work Is Here. Are You Ready For It?

The work is here. Are you ready for it?

One of the questions that I get asked every week when I work in the Akashic Records is "What's my Soul's Purpose?"

One of the most common responses that come from the RK's (Record Keepers) is "You're here to serve."

Many people feel like they are already doing something in the form of service. However, others are not quite sure how to execute this.

My friend, the time has come for you to step up to the plate to serve because the work is right before you now.  

When a global giant steps in to invade a smaller country, this is an act of injustice. What has happened with Russia invading Ukraine is no small thing to ignore. This action trumpeted a louder invitation to do work.

You are here as part of a special group of Light Beings inhabiting a human form and doing your Lightwork on Earth. Earth is your training ground, school, and vehicle for your ascension and evolution.

As a Lightworker, Agent of Change, or a Bridge of Light - you...

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What does 2/2/2022 hold for you?

I hope you're doing well and feeling blessed! Do you know what today is?!? It's 02/22/2022 or 22/02/2022. How many 2's can we get?!? How many tacos can we possibly have?!?


What does 2/2/2022 hold for you?

If there’s anything that the Record Keepers have conveyed to me throughout these years, it’s how important numbers are. Numbers encode the language of Source/Spirit/God, and these codes are often reflected in sacred geometry, patterns, and sequences throughout nature and the Universe.


2/2/2022 is very special, and here are six reasons why 2/2/22 holds something unique for you.

  1. As a palindrome, the energy of 22/02/2022 is about the unity of moving forward and backward. Pay attention to where the energy of movement is appearing in your life. Is it in your health, emotions, thinking, or feelings? You are a mirror to everything you see, and this day allows you to dive deep and see both your beauty and pain and integrate it.


  1. As a master number, 22...
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Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic? This is honestly a straight-up question?  

I’m not talking about hocus-pocus spells and pulling a rabbit out of a hat. That’s illusion-based stuff. I’m talking about REAL MAGIC, where the Universe is orchestrating and pulling stuff on in an unreal way that you can’t even fathom how that happened.

If you DO believe in this kind of REAL Magic, then know that it’s Divinely orchestrated, and three aspects of you influence this kind of magic:


  • Your beliefs
  • Your worth 
  • Your capacity to receive


I ask you if you believe in magic because I’ve got a story to share with you that borderlines fantasy.

On 2/2/22, my partner, Jon, and I were involved in a major car accident. We were devastated that happened to our truck, but I kept hearing from my Guides that there was a silver lining. I just couldn’t see or understand it at the time.


I also looked up with 2222 meant and read that it was...

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