How to Maximize Your Relationship with the Forces of Time 

 Masterclass: Time-Bending

Join Us for A Special Experience that will Help You Expand Your Relationship with Time

This Masterclass will help you maximize your relationship with time, how to use time effectively and how to take advantage of time by working with the Time Lords to expand the amount of time you have, how to increase your productivity and how to slow down the time clock to extend your age, presence and vitality.



This Masterclass is for people who are: 

  • interested in learning how to take advantage of time instead of being in disadvantage with it
  • ready to maximize the time they have on Earth
  • ready to expand their use of time to get more done
  • ready to work with the TimeLords to slow down the clock of aging
  • ready to learn how to bend time and increase their potential


Are you ready to bend time and get more done?


This Masterclass is super helpful for people who are always feeling stressed out like they don’t have enough time to get all they want to get done.


After this Masterclass, you’ll walk away feeling more confident in how you work with the Time Lords. You’ll know when to ask for help to bend time, how to prepare time so you can get more done and how to slow down the aging clock while you rest. 

Your life will start to feel like you’re experiencing ‘Heaven on Earth’ because you’re expanding the time you have and using it wisely to get things done. 

People around you will be amazed at how relaxed and at ease you seem to be with your schedule, list of activities and time management.

You’ll have the knowledge that helps you confidently work with time to get the most done while experiencing a heightened state of the present.  After all, when you’re fully expanded in your present moment - this is when you become the Master of your time.

TIME is priceless and we could offer this series at any price point, however, we value it at $111 because this is a sacred energy that represents independence, motivation, and spiritual enlightenment.

As a soul on Earth, the most important commodity you have is time.

Time is so precious that you are unable to buy more. 

Once lost, it can never be replenished. Time is also the commodity that is most often wasted by people.

In this Masterclass, you’ll go through 5 very helpful concepts that will support your work with time, maximize your relationship with it and call in the Time Lords. 


You’ll understand how to use phrases that activate your connection with the Time Lord, how to execute blocks of time to your advantage along with how to slow down and speed up the clock. 

You’ll experience different exercises that you can apply immediately because you’ll be able to see the effects of this in REAL TIME. 

Because time is so precious, learning how to work with it will help you live a life of present focus and awareness instead of regret that you didn’t do enough.


As a holistic practitioner, Akashic Records Reader and teacher, time is an energy that comes up in ALL my sessions with others.

People often ask how they can make best use of their time on Earth, what’s their purpose or soul’s mission.  People ask these questions because they are deeply passionate about making the most of this incarnation. 

After all, this is the life you have to live on Earth now.  Don’t you want to make the most of it?

I began working with the Akashic Records over 15 years ago and these Masters of Time have given me sneak peaks in humankind’s relationship with Time. 

They’ve shown the karmic and dharmic wheel that humankind has entered into with the Divine and it’s based on soul’s understanding their role and making the most of their existence with each incarnation.

This is why Time-Bending is so important. 

I want to help you maximize and experience the greatest life you’ve ever lived by helping you understand HOW to make the most of one of the most elusive substances ever - time. 

When you register for this Masterclass...

You’ll receive two very valuable tools: the Time-Bending Checklist and the Time Tracker. 

The Time-Bending Checklist helps you review the order of connection to the Time Lords when making requests while the Time Tracker help you maximize how you’re working with time and the TimeLords.

This Masterclass will help you amplify and maximize your PRESENCE so that you make the most of time, in alignment with time and in perfect harmony with time. 


Time is so important that the knowledge of how to work with it, expand it and get more of it is priceless.

This Masterclass is invaluable and the information that you’re getting around Time-Bending doesn’t appear elsewhere. We could charge hundreds of dollars for this training but it wouldn’t really help you would it?

That’s why we’re offering this special Masterclass for $27.00 to help you get started on your work with the Time Lords.

Aren’t you worth it? Isn't your time worth that?

If so, sign up for this program!

Masterclass: Time-Bending


Special Offer!


I’m so grateful to my Record Keepers,Guides and clients who’ve helped me to build up a successful practice over the years. 2021 is the third year in a row that I’ve booked out all my sessions before the year is over.  This year, I booked out all my Akashic Record Readings and Energy Work starting in July 2021.  In addition, I launched and ran two successful Akashic Records trainings called ‘Become an Akashic Records Guide’ with over 35 students in the course of a year.  

My Record Keepers and Guides have shown me how to ‘bend time’ by teaching me how to work with efficiency and effortlessly, how to arrive to my destination within the time I request as well as how to slow down the hands of time by maximizing youthfulness, agelessness and vitality.  

Although I’m nearly 50, many people are flabbergasted when I share with them my age, the fact that I have a 20 year old daughter or that I’ve worked in the nursing profession for over 18 years.   The question I get asked the most is, “How do you do it?”

Well friend, I’m going to show you how…


My name is Anne Marie Pizarro and I’m a retired nurse, Akashic Records Reader and Teacher and Master Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) teacher.  I own and operate Body Energy Connection, Akashic Records Session and the Akashic Collective on Facebook.

I’ve been operating as a practitioner since 2007 and an entrepreneur since 2010.  I’ve put in thousands of hours doing 1:1 sessions with clients for over 10 years and I love what I do. I’ve worked with some clients for over 10 years and have supported them in their life choices, business decisions and relationship challenges.  I’ve got clients on waiting lists for cancellations as well as for my 2022 schedule release. There’s a great global need for this type of service, and I am so  incredibly grateful that Spirit asked me to do this work.

I do this work because it’s the highest form of spiritual play available.  I love working with my clients and students and see the impact we make together. I love the freedom it gives me to be an independent business owner. I love the challenge and rewards of teaching and doing events.

When the Record Keepers asked me to teach the Time-Bending Masterclass, at first I wasn’t sure what they meant or what they wanted but I fully trusted in our sacred connection and knew they’d deliver when the time was right.  The Record Keepers know how valuable time is on Earth which is why they wanted to present this information so that we could help people make better use of this precious commodity.


Are you ready to become a time-bending bad-ass?


frequently asked questions

The most important gift you can give yourself is permission to work with time.

Permission opens the door to so much more! It opens the door to your healing, growth and what you can receive. 

Bending Time can absolutely happen to you as long as you’re permitting yourself to try it out before you throw it out.

Remember, there are no guarantees in life, however, when you invest in yourself, you grow, evolve and learn more about yourself that helps you stand strong and independent of others’ opinions of you. When you evolve your relationship with time, you dwell in your own power instead of comparing yourself to others.

This is HUGE and can bring you ease, happiness and most of all success in what you’re looking for.  Which is why the only step you need to take after you sign up for this course is to practice giving yourself permission to work with the Time Lords and ASK for help.

Stop waiting for the world to deliver you the time you need to be happy, be in love, be wealthy or successful. You can befriend, embrace and maximize your relationship with time.  All it simply requires is for you to take a leap of faith and invest in yourself.

Are you ready for your relationship with TIME to evolve?