Go from 3D to 5D
With the one Master Skill they won't teach in schools...

Embodiment Series

Join Us for A Special Channeled Series from an Akashic Records Keeper

Monday, September 6 at 8:00 am CST - Embodying Love
Tuesday, September 7 at 8:00 am CST - Embodying Wealth
Wednesday, September 8 at 8:00 am CST - Embodying Success
Thursday, September 9 at 8:00 am CST - Embodying Grace


Embodiment is the missing link that evolves your consciousness from the 3D to 5D state, supports your intentions all the way to manifesting, and anchors your spiritual journey towards magnificence and wholeness.

Embodiment isn’t taught in school. It’s a learned behavior that helps you maximize this existence so that you can attain your dream life and reach happiness, peace, and success.


Are you ready to make that leap of consciousness and growth?


The Embodiment Series is for people who are:

• seeking a higher way of being and thinking
• ready to release old patterns and ways of doing
• ready to shift into a higher level of manifesting
• interested in mastering their soul’s evolution

The Embodiment series covers so much information that shows you the gap of where you were and what you can reach when you step into your fully realized form and expression.

Embodiment shows you step-by-step exercises that elevate your thinking and how you see yourself.  It breaks you free of the 3D approach to life so that you’re in a unified and aligned relationship with Source and stop resisting your lessons around growth, healing, and evolution.

Embodiment is priceless and we could offer this series at any price point, however, we value it at $111 because this is a sacred energy that represents independence, motivation, and spiritual enlightenment.

When you go through the Embodiment Series,

transformation is bound to happen

which leads to greater self-insight, opportunities to up-level your behavior and thoughts, and drastic reduction of worry and stress.
Many people are stuck in an old paradigm of polarity.  They ask Source for help and sometimes they have to wait for the help to arrive. Embodiment takes you out of the ‘waiting game’ by helping you dwell in the vibration of ‘already having’ what you ask for.

This can transform the way you look at life because you no longer exist in lack, separation, or fear of not having. In addition, when you practice embodying love, wealth, success, and grace, you can track the wins and celebrations that happen along the way because they do happen.

Each day can feel like a miracle

and your life can absolutely look and feel like your dream life when you’re embodying your truth, wisdom, and Source’s love in your life.

That’s what happens when you take a leap from creating intentions and waiting for results to embodying the outcome and being in a state of receptivity.

Life can change around you…so what are you resisting or afraid of?


As a holistic practitioner, retired nurse, and Akashic Records Reader and Teacher, I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years who’ve struggled to embody their full form.  I’ve worked with patients and clients who are looking for answers related to their life’s purpose, what they’re here to accomplish, and what’s in the way of their happiness and joy.

It was the Akashic Record Keepers who brought the Embodiment Series to me and asked me to take a leap of faith and try it out. Boy…what a task!

It wasn’t easy. The first step to embodiment was vulnerability and they made me see that before I could even address embodying fullness of form.

Thus, I was led to teach a free channeled class on Cracking the Code of Vulnerability before I could deliver the Embodiment Series because my Guides wanted to make sure there was nothing in the way to achieving this elevated spiritual goal.

My job is simple which is to help you get clear of the blocks, patterns, and resistance in the way so that you can address it, release it and let it go, and step into your birthright as an embodied and awakened Soul.

This series can absolutely help you make that transformation happen.

You’re going to receive a series of videos and worksheets that will help you release aspects of yourself and your life on hold.  There will be exercises to help you clear and let go of past traumas, blames, and issues so that you can upgrade your container and hold more of Spirit’s light in. There will be meditations that encode and up levels your entire holographic system so that your Lightbody self can step into its fullness and wholeness.

This is why you came to Earth in the first place – to learn the lessons that would support your ascension and mastery of the self.

There are many healers, practitioners, guides, and mystics in the world.  How can you identify which one to follow and which one to work with?

Do your research, work with other guides and readers, listen to other people’s experiences and pay attention to how your own spiritual nature will egg you on to contact someone.

As a holistic practitioner and nurse with over 20 years of experience, I’ve worked with thousands of clients worldwide in the Akashic Records and the Human Energy Field.

I’ve built up my own holistic practice which allowed me to retire fully from my nursing career in 2016 to do this sacred work with my community. I absolutely LOVE it and see clients on a weekly basis,  work with students through programs and training, and coach graduate students in building up a successful spiritual 5D business.

While many practitioners focus only on helping their clients, I’m passionate about education, personal development, and self-growth work. I know that I came down to this plane to help and be part of the support crew and I would love to show you how to make that happen.


Embodiment is a sacred practice of evolution, up-level, and dwelling in full awareness of who and what you are.

Therefore, we have some special added bonuses to help you with this sacred practice.

  • Two free meditations on Embodiment and Vulnerability to get you started
  • Meditations for each embodiment topic (Love, Wealth, Success and Grace)
  • Quick techniques to keep your mindset locked into embodying your form
  • Mantras that you can say that keeps your vibrations high 
  • Download of Key Points to tap and access to embody these higher frequencies and vibrations 

In addition, you’ll be receiving directly channeled messages about Embodiment from the Akashic Records that will support the material you receive.

Embodiment is so important that the knowledge itself is priceless.

You’ve incarnated down to Earth many times trying to find the keys and codes of embodiment that get you OFF the wheel of karma.  What would you pay for that?

As we stated before, $111 is the number of spiritual enlightenment and motivation however we’re not offering this series for that amount.  We’re offering the entire Embodiment Series for $44.44 because we acknowledge the importance of this number.

44 is tied to creating your foundation, setting up your goals, and achieving your outcomes.  It’s a number of inner-strength and holds all the support you need to get your work done and to reach your goals.

Aren’t you worth it?

If so, sign up for this program!

Embodiment Series


Special Offer!


The Embodiment Masterclass was initially taught in July and attendees of that class experienced a live channeling from the Akashic Records. Some of the feedback from that class include:

That was P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L!

- Elijah, North Carolina

The Embodiment Masterclass was extremely high vibes- FANTASTIC. Anne was another level amazing. She’s always GREAT, this Masterclass was seriously high vibes — an energetic upgrade for the collective. I am in sales and present for long stretches of time. I know how hard that was to do it for almost 2 hours — basically a one-woman show. I cannot wait for the Embodiment Series Sept. 6-9!"

- Cannon, New York

Embodying the energies of tones gave me a new understanding of my own power. Feeling my owns tones work through each of my energy centers; clearing, anchoring, attuning each to a higher vibration. It's like a bath for the energy system. It gave me a lot of empowerment for using my voice to attune myself and command my field. Thanks, Anne!"

- Shawn, California

Being a holistic practitioner is one thing. Being a successful practitioner is another.  I’m so grateful to my Record Keepers, Guides, and clients who’ve helped me to build up a successful practice over the years. 2021 is the third year in a row that I’ve booked out all my sessions before the year is over. This year, I booked out all my Akashic Record Readings and Energy Work starting in July 2021. In addition, I launched and ran two successful Akashic Records training called ‘Become an Akashic Records Guide’ with over 35 students in the course of a year.

Greetings Friend!

My name is Anne Marie Pizarro and I’m a retired nurse, Akashic Records Reader and Teacher, and Master Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) teacher. I own and operate Body Energy Connection, Akashic Records Session, and the Akashic Collective on Facebook.

I’ve been operating as a practitioner since 2007 and an entrepreneur since 2010. I’ve put in thousands of hours doing 1:1 sessions with clients for over 10 years and I love what I do. I’ve worked with some clients for over 10 years and have supported them in their life choices, business decisions, and relationship challenges. I’ve got clients on waiting lists for cancellations as well as for my 2022 schedule release. There’s a great global need for this type of service, and I am so incredibly grateful that Spirit asked me to do this work.

I do this work because it’s the highest form of spiritual play available. I love working with my clients and students and see the impact we make together. I love the freedom it gives me to be an independent business owner. I love the challenge and rewards of teaching and doing events.

Bringing the Embodiment Series to you wasn’t my idea. It was a request from the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides. They know that our world is hanging in a balance between the old and new paradigm of being. They know that humankind is ready for that next step. They know that people are asking for help and they are ready to help us transform, evolve and embody our truths.


Are you ready for that transformation in your life?


frequently asked questions

The most important gift you can give yourself is permission.

Permission opens the door to so much more! It opens the door to your healing, growth and what you can receive. 

Embodiment can absolutely happen to you and for you as long as you’re permitting yourself to try it out before you throw it out.

Remember, there are no guarantees in life, however, when you invest in yourself, you grow, evolve and learn more about yourself that helps you stand strong and independent of others’ opinions of you. When you step into embodying love, wealth, success and grace, you dwell in your own power instead of comparing yourself to others.

This is HUGE and can bring you ease, happiness and most of all success in what you’re looking for.  Which is why the only step you need to take after you sign up for this course is to practice giving yourself permission to embody more.

The rest happens when you’re ready to allow and embody it.  Remember…this isn’t work. It’s a very high form of spiritual play.

Stop waiting for the world to deliver you all the elements that you need to be happy, be in love, be wealthy or successful. You can embody all of that now. It simply requires you to take a leap of faith and invest in yourself.

Are you ready for that transformation to occur?