$333.00 USD

Master the Art of Manifesting Money on the Quantum, Cellular, and Akashic Level

Manifesting Money on the Quantum, Cellular and Akashic Level can help you:

  • Release OLD money stories and receive energetic clearings from the Akashic Record Keepers and your Soul Council.
  • Release old money karma contracts  and evolve into a dynamic new relationship with money.
  • Energetically ALIGN to the vibration of money and KNOW how to call it into your life with ease and effortlessness.

What's included in your purchase:

4 Week Intensive that includes:

➡️  FOUR weeks of live Akashic Records Coaching

  • Week 1: Dismantling Core Money Stories
  • Week 2: Dissolving Core Money Blocks and Fears
  • Week 3: Neutralizing the energy of money from gap to gain
  • Week 4: Creating NEW Money Programs and upgrading your relationship with money and prosperity

➡️ Private Facebook Group (Pop-Up for 30 DAYS ONLY) where you can ask questions and receive personalized guidance.

➡️ Access to this program module with lessons, audio versions and channeling

➡️ Guided meditations and visualizations to help you tap into the quantum, cellular, and akashic levels

➡️ Worksheets and exercises to help you identify and release limiting beliefs and program new, positive beliefs into your cells.

Including These Bonuses:

  • Money Manifestation Cards
  • TWO Money Meditations on the Quantum, Cellular and Akashic Level