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Master the Akashic Records

Confidently access your intuition and channel in the Higher Realms and the Akashic Records without any experience at all

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This special program increases your connection to your intuition and the Akashic Field.


Master the Akashic Records is for:

Curious intuitives and practitioners who want to confidently receive answers from the Higher Realms and the Akashic Records without feeling lost, overwhelmed or confused.


This program is a good fit for you if you’re:

  • Overwhelmed by too much information
  • Desire to have your own business that serves the world
  • You’re struggling with trying to figure out HOW to do it
  • You’ve tried other things in the past but you don’t feel like they work


You may be in a time and place in your life where you feel frustrated that you’re not 100% clear on what you’re getting.

You’re not taking action on the messages you receive. You’re worried and stressed about how to make extra money in your life. You want to use your gifts but feel shy about stepping out of your comfort zone.

You don’t have a strategy that you can rely on to communicate and receive from your guides

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There’s an easier way to connect and align to the Higher Realms and the Akashic Records in a way that actually feels good.

Just like in the Matrix, you have two options.
  • Option #1: You can take the blue pill and keep feeling plugged into the 3D reality of comparison, polarity and struggle
Or you can try
  • Option #2: This plugs you into higher consciousness, your multi-dimensional nature and the power of choice.

Master the Akashic Records helps you upgrade yourself and your abilities on all levels of being. It helps you live in the Matrix while accessing a higher state of awareness and abilities. It helps to fertilize and feed your dreams of being a successful guide and reader for others. It helps you break free from the Matrix and create the life of your dreams.

Karen Wilson, Texas

Reiki Master Teacher, Healer and Akashic Records Reader

"I have had a few Akashic Record Readings with Anne Marie Pizarro. I am an energy healer and have sent many of my clients to her for additional support.Anne is so kind, talented, connected and professional. Readings with Anne have helped me immeasurably to understand myself, and my relationship with my family and my business. Through her I have gleaned understanding and insight that would be very difficult to gain elsewhere. I encourage you to book a reading with Anne. You will walk away with greater comfort, confidence, knowledge and tools to create your best life."

Cannon Schaub

“I have to commend you - this workshop is been a fantastic experience. I am beyond impressed at what you’ve put together and in all of how thorough it is. And of course we’ve got the best group working together. I am already sad that it’s going to be over in a month but looking forward to implementing all the knowledge I’ve learned in these last eight weeks.”

Joyce Critelli

“Thank you Anne for the Akashic Records Weekend Workshop! What terrific classes! I couldn’t believe how much information you packed into 2 days + I loved the breakout sessions. My practice partners were perfect too.”

Chailee Porter

“Thank you so much for the Akashic Records Guide course, Anne. It was extremely helpful in guiding me along my path and helping me to feel more confident in my abilities. I really appreciated having so much time to practice to see what my areas of strength were. It was a slow journey for me, and I had a lot of doubt along the journey but you kept encouraging me and helping me through it, and I’m leaning into my own work now. I started doing practice readings after our course and it has steadily gotten easier for me. One of my clients was so pleased with our reading she ended up giving me 9 referrals! I never could have done this without your help and guidance and I’m so grateful for not only the advice on how to create a business but also many ways in which to cultivate and create a safe container to work within. I’m forever grateful for what I’ve gained from this!”

Master the Akashic Records is a self-paced program that teaches you how to access your intuition and channel:

  • Even if your gifts are there, but you haven’t fully tapped into them yet
  • Even if you're worried or unsure about how to discern between your thoughts and inspired messages
  • Even if you don’t have an email list or clients but want to do this for others in the future
  • Even if you’re not sure how to go about it, but you’re confident that you can learn anything

A Note From Anne

I know you’ve been telling yourself:

‘I just need to try harder’

It’s not true.

After years of trying and growing slowly, I’ve unlocked and created the simplest path to accessing your gifts

…and it starts with Mastering the Akashic Records

You won’t believe how quickly you’ll get results and insights.

Fifteen years ago, I was really struggling with burn-out and overwhelm in my life. I decided to take a leap of faith and learn something new: The Akashic Records. I swallowed the red pill and life in The Matrix never quite looked the same.

I slowly built a business and started doing Akashic Record Readings. I had this dream to work for myself and gain financial freedom.

Everyone thought I was nuts to leave a stable career but I knew I had to take a chance.

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I asked The Record Keepers for help and I ‘gave’ them one year to prove to me how they could turn my life around.

I ended up retiring from my nursing job in 2016 and starting teaching in 2017.

A lot has changed since then.

I’ve been able to travel and see clients remotely. I’ve been able to teach the Akashic Records and other healing practices. I’ve been able to thrive and survive during a time when the country was struggling because of a pandemic.

I did the work and it made a difference. I know that you can make that same difference happen in your life.

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having the kind of scalable holistic practice that attracts your assigned group and effortlessly brings more in because you followed a simple process that you can do over and over again.

  • Knowledge of how to apply the Connect, Align and Deliver Framework™ to confidently receive messages from your intuition, channel and the Akashic Records
  • Knowledge of how to communicate clearly what appears
  • Knowledge of how to recognize which of your psychic senses or clair-abilities you’re working with
  • Knowledge with how to receive messages you can trust
  • Knowledge of how to deliver information that you and others can rely on
  • Knowledge of how to create a sustainable holistic practice



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Master the Akashic Records is a self-paced program that teaches you how to access your intuition and channel:


#1- Even if your gifts are there, but you haven’t fully tapped into them yet


#2- Even if you're worried or unsure about how to discern between your thoughts and inspired messages


#3- Even if you don’t have an email list or clients but want to do this for others in the future


#4- Even if you’re not sure how to go about it, but you’re confident that you can learn anything

Let me ask you a question:

When was the last time you felt at EASE receiving messages from the Higher Realms and knew what to do with it?

Time for some #RealTalk

When you stall and wait to take action, doubt, confusion and anxiety begins to build up.

Over time, you stop trying to access your gifts or doubt what keeps coming through.

This builds up frustration, negative self-talk and disconnection from your true Divine nature.

It keeps you separated from your dreams of financial freedom, success in service and being recognized for your gifts.

The steps I teach in Master the Akashic Records help you connect, align and deliver information flawlessly without sacrificing your integrity, time or energy.

Perfect for you if:

  • Tired of trying to figure out how to be successful and sustainable or
  • Sick of trying to watch all these videos and piece together training or
  • Desperate to make an income on the gifts you’re born with

Will this work for me?

Our students have included:
  • Curious, new intuitives
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Holistic Practitioners including Yoga Teachers, Healers and Energy Workers
  • Therapists and Counselors
  • Massage Therapist and Body Workers
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Strategists
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Attorneys
  • Public Servants including police officers, EMT’s and political strategists
  • Creative agents, writers and artists
I'm Ready

Here’s what’s included in Master the Akashic Records:

Module 1: Introduction and Welcome

  • This module introduces you to the program and helps you get organized with all the moving parts.
  • Access multiple downloads and exercises to get you started on the empowered path.

Module 2: Accessing Your Intuition

  • Understand your Human Energy Field and access your Sacred Heart Space
  • Learn how to access your intuition using your Clair-abilities, frequency and channel
  • Learn how to deliver, confirm and use your gifts

Module 3: Activating Your Sacred Channel

  • This module helps you build a foundation of channeling by showing you how to apply the Connect, Align and Deliver Framework™.
  • You’ll also learn how to define your intuitive gifts, methods of receiving and confirming what you get.
  • Use different channeling exercises helps you trust in your abilities, refine how you receive and practice discernment.

Module 4: Akashic Records Level 1

  • This module helps you build a foundation in the Akashic Records and teaches you how to access your sacred books through a special prayer using the Connect, Align and Deliver Framework™.
  • You’ll also learn how to discern and confirm what you receive as you work with your Soul Council.
  • Work in a safe and protected container to help deepen your intuitive access and amplifies your sentient and psychic gifts.

Module 5: Akashic Records Level 2

  • This module teaches you how to access other people’s Akashic Records and sacred books through a special prayer.
  • You’ll also learn about your role as a Reader and how you can support others in a reading.
  • Tuning into your psychic abilities also helps others heal as they clear blocks, contracts and agreements from past lives.

Module 6: Creating a Sacred Practice

  • Create a structure that works for you and your clients as you start to implement the Connect, Align and Deliver Framework.
  • Start to use your intuition to visualize your sacred service, work contracts and agreements and establish a flow of sacred economy.
  • Clear beliefs tied to success and service.

Module 7: Marketing Your Holistic Practice

  • This module teaches you how to use the Circle of Operations Model to help build a successful and sustainable flow to your business.
  • You’ll learn how to nurture your relationships with your clients so they’ll keep coming back and referring your services.
  • Discover ways to expand your services without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Module 8: Closing and Certification

  • This module closes the entire program out and allows you to get your certification as an Akashic Records Reader
  • Discover what the next steps are on your journey as a Reader and Guide

Bonuses Expire Soon so Hurry!


eBook: 12 Ways to Create a Successful and Sustainable Akashic Records Practice - Value: $197

Use the MATE Model to follow a simple and straightforward path to creating a successful Akashic Records Practice that you can set up immediately for your assigned group to find you


Holistic Healer’s Toolkit - Value: $197

  • The Crystal Guide
  • Angels and Ascended Masters Guide
  • Spirit Animal Guide

 The Holistic Healer’s Toolkit provides valuable information and resources around crystals, angels, guides and spirit animals. These topics show up frequently in readings and channeled messages which makes this tool an invaluable resource for getting insights and information.


Email Templates for your Sacred Practice - Value $197

The Email Templates are a valuable resource for your practice. You can cut, paste and tweak the wording to reflect your own voice and send these out to your assigned group. No longer do you have to rack your brain trying to figure out what to say and how. These templates make outreach, follow-up and engagement easy when you know what to say.

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Grow your confidence and get immediate results.
Here are a few examples of our student success:

Justin, Tennessee:

This is the first class that I have taken for anything consciousness-related, and just wow! The whole class was so much fun from beginning to end. All of the knowledge and information shared was very organized and obviously well thought out. I was so excited to start the program and that excitement never faded for the entire eight weeks. I would look forward to every single class, and even afterwards I missed being in class with everyone. Anne was such a wonderful teacher and guide. You can just feel the wisdom oozing from her being at all times. The best part of this program though was the amount of emphasis on play. We all have a tendency to take things too seriously, but Anne made sure to remind us how important a playful mindset is. Overall, I would highly highly recommend this class for anyone- beginner to seasoned channeled!

Nana, California:

 I liked everything about it. I loved structure, how it was presented, how one topic flew into another and complemented each other. Great experience. But more than anything else, I loved Anne's generosity with her time, her great positive attitude, all the extras she gave us, resources, books. Honestly it was much more than I thought I would get. Money well spent. Thank you Anne and thank you to each single individual who helped you with this class.

Linda, California:

I am really enjoying the course, it has had such a positive impact on my life in a very short time. The tools I have now have been helpful.

Alan, California:

Shortly after our class completed, one of our students, Alan, shared this win:

Last week was my first week doing multiple sessions every day (3 on Mon/Fri and 2 on Tue/Wed) then I took Thursday off to rest. It’s been an amazing experience to do so many sessions in such a short amount of time and get a glimpse at what an Akashic Records practice looks like when it’s up and running.

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Master the Akashic Records

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  • 8 modules and over 35 lessons
  • Includes videos, worksheets, exercises and meditations
  • Lifetime and 24/7 access to the course, along with updates
  • Access to The Akashic Collective and Q&A’s with Anne
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3 Month Payment Plan

  • 8 modules and over 35 lessons
  • Includes videos, worksheets, exercises and meditations
  • Lifetime and 24/7 access to the course, along with updates
  • Access to The Akashic Collective and Q&A’s with Anne
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Yes! A 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our program consistently attracts the best types of students that are ready to step into their gifts and use their channels. Because we believe in our program so much, we offer a strict ‘do the work’ return-policy in place.
We are confident that if you complete the program and implement what you learn, you will get results.

However, if you find that after 14-days this program isn't a right fit for you, show me the work you've done and you'll absolutely get your money back.

This program is ONLY for those who are committed to giving it their best shot.

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