What is the Most Important Meeting You’ll Have This Year?

Do you know what the heart of your business sounds and feels like?

Do you get a sense of its pulse and what it’s trying to accomplish in the world?

You are after all the being who agreed to bring it down on this 3-dimensional plane. You must have created some kind of contract around service or why do what you do?

    It seems like a bunch of strange questions that have nothing to do with reports, bills, content, clients, finances, and juggling all the moving plates that make you tick and work. I get it.  You have a lot going on.  You’re just trying to survive and take care of yourself and your family.

    There’s a lot on your mind and there’s so much noise that you have to filter through from television, social media, emails, advertisements, and conversations with people.

 No wonder it’s difficult to hear.

    We are inundated with so much information. Making sense of it all and dealing with the pressure to push through and do something with your life can feel overwhelming and stressful.

No wonder it’s difficult to sit still.

    So much turmoil and chaos have happened in 2020.  Many people are having to pivot in their careers, relationships, and track to figure out what’s important and the next best move.  For some, it’s just taking one step and one day at a time.  For others, the weight of unanswered questions fuel frustration and quiet desperation to understand the true meaning of it all, breeding stress and anxiety.

 No wonder it’s difficult to embrace silence.

    Amidst all these distractions of life, there’s a pulse that continues to beat in the heart of you and your work. It shines a light in the dark times to guide you and what you’re here to do. It feeds your mission, vision, and purpose for why you came back.  It slings you back when you get ‘too far away’ from doing what you came down here to do.

    We’re too caught up in trying to figure out how to ‘make it happen’ that sometimes we forget why we’re doing it in the first place. We get lost in the doing and disconnect from the trusting and receiving.

    This is why it’s time for you to do a deep dive and see what your Guides and Business Council have for you.  This is an invitation to connect at a deeper level and tune you into that frequency of success, ease, and flow.

   If you’re in business for yourself, this is an important time to embrace 3 very important things.

  #1.  Listen to understand what your business needs from you not what you need from it

    #2.  Embrace where you’re at so you can envision where you’re arriving to

    #3.  Have a strategic heart to heart meeting with your Guides and Business Council

    When you are working with the true heart and soul of your business, you’re at ease and operating at a higher level of service. You shift your mindset when it comes to money, operations, and communications. You see the purpose of marketing and the mission you serve in sharing your message. You serve Source in an elevated manner when you step out of the way to connect to a field of knowledge and information greater than yours – the Akasha.  

This is the most important meeting you’ll have this year.   

    Are you ready to receive the next steps to turn your visionary wheel of success, purpose, and flow?

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Women in Business: 3 Tips to Increase Success and Wealth as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Women in Business Do Things A Little Differently…

Women in business struggle with marketing, growing their company, reaching their audience and manifesting wealth & success.  As a successful holistic entrepreneur, I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them improve their spiritual entrepreneurship, understand the blocks influencing their path and manifest wealth.

In the article, ‘Are Women ‘Manifesting’ Their Way to the Poorhouse?’, Alice Williams of The Sydney Morning Herald discusses how women use manifestation as a tool to help them get clear on their business and vision. Maria Puncheon, aka “Miss Moneypenny” explains how manifesting can backfire, causing women to feel inferior to their male counterparts, get stuck in the implementation stage of their business or question their ability to be succeed.  Through positive thinking, vision boarding and a solid business plan, female entrepreneurs can get clear on their actions, understand their financial landscape and implement their idea.

In 7 Business Lessons for Spiritual Solo-Entrepreneurs To Avoid Losing Your Savings Account,  Romila “Dr Romie” Mushtaq, MD from Huffington Post discusses how to save your time, money and dignity when you are operating as a spiritual solo-entrepreneur. She covers important tips such as owning your expertise, having a monetization strategy, being fiscally responsible and working with a clear vision statement. By openly sharing her mistakes, vulnerable moments and lessons, she details the importance of the business vision and intuition being aligned with the right clients for the best outcome possible.

Elements of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

After reviewing these two articles, I discovered that women in business can use their intuition, experience and these  three elements of spiritual entrepreneurship to help their organizations succeed and grow.

1. Clear vision – A clear vision helps you to operate in alignment with your business’s mission and plan.  It gives your business the foundation from which to grow, allowing you to meet your goals and customers need.  A clear vision also helps you stay focused on what you are here to do.
2. Financial Awareness – Paying attention to how your business operates, along with monetary flow in and out, allows you to have a pulse on your business’s health. Being aware allows you to spend wisely, budget and grow as your brand grows.  Talking about money and feeling empowered shifts many female entrepreneurs relationship with prosperity and success.
3. Monetize your Platform – In order for a business owner to be successful, they have to be making money and sustaining their growth. By creating a way to monetize your services or products, you can build a profitable source of revenue that reflects your mission and vision.

To summarize, women in business can use spiritual entrepreneurship, financial savviness and monetization tactics to operate organizations that are successful, holistic and empowered.

Anne Marie Pizarro is a registered nurse and holistic practitioner. She is the founder of Body Energy Connection LLC and has worked with hundreds of people worldwide in the Akashic Records and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) field. She is available for  in-person, teleconference and Skype sessions. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and connect via Twitter with @BodyEnergyConxn.