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Akashic Records Guide

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and go from feeling doubtful and unclear in how to start an Akashic Records Practice to feeling empowered, confident, validated and excited to share your gifts with the world.


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March 20, 2023 to May 12, 2023

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The Akashic Records can help you architect and design your dream life, business and relationships.

The Akashic Records are known as the Book of Life or The Universe’s Super Computer.

It contains the records of all things ever created, imagined, felt and experienced on Earth and beyond.

It holds the individual records of all souls from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return.  Every soul contributes to the Akashic Records as this field records every thought, word, emotion, and action we generate.

When you learn how to work with the Akashic Records, it can change your life. You can receive information that will help you understand your soul's path and purpose and how you can help others heal, transform and evolve. 

Before I tell you about this amazing program, let's talk about who this is really for..

You're a sensitive empath who desires to serve the world in a greater way through your special gifts but don't want to feel overwhelmed, worried or confused about growing your holistic business.

Whether you're a:

  • A holistic entrepreneur who wants to expand your intuitive abilities in the Akashic Records and work with clients in a supportive and sacred way
  • A healing service provider who wants to expand their practice by adding a modality that’s familiar, needed and wanted by the world
  • A curious intuitive who desires to build a business that they can rely on, sustains them and helps the world

You’re in the right place at the right time!

Becoming a successful and sought after Akashic Records Guide can be life-changing and impactful! I’m going to show you HOW in this Akashic Records Guides Program and will give you the tools, support and resources to help you launch and grow your healing business.

By the end of this program, you will have…


Discovered How to Use Your Intuitive Gifts & Abilities

Confidently access your gifts and confirm your results, being the go-to-guide for others in times of need.


Gained Clear Connection with Your Guides and Soul Council

Trust in the information you receive for others and this helps you become a true, pure conduit for Source.


Learned How to Leverage Your Role as a Reader and Channel

Become a powerful and intuitive supporter for others in the Akashic Records and witness the transformation in others lives.


Set up/Expanded your Healing and Channeling Practice

This helps you rest in the knowledge that your business and systems are ready to serve the world and receive clients.


Gained access to tools and resources to market and grow your practice

Market your holistic business like a boss and attract the right clients who are ready to work with you.

Akashic Records - Karen Wilson testimonial

Karen Wilson, TX
Reiki Master Teacher, Healer and Akashic Records Reader

"I have had a few Akashic Record Readings with Anne Marie Pizarro. I am an energy healer and have sent many of my clients to her for additional support.

Anne is so kind, talented, connected and professional. Readings with Anne have helped me immeasurably to understand myself, and my relationship with my family and my business. Through her I have gleaned understanding and insight that would be very difficult to gain elsewhere. I encourage you to book a reading with Anne. You will walk away with greater comfort, confidence, knowledge and tools to create your best life."

Become an Akashic Records Guide Spring 2023

March 20, 2023 to May 12, 2023

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3 monthly payments:

1st Payment: $377

2nd and 3rd Payment: $377/m


Live, Step-by-Step Coaching


Enrollment to my immersive coaching program opens only twice a year. We call this a P.H.D Training for a reason!

  • Experience channeling practices with other students in the Akashic Records and receive feedback from your Teacher and other BARG Team Members. 
  • Work with proven protocols for channeling, receiving, holding, and clearing the energy in Readings.
  • Blossom into your psychic gifts in an empowered and supportive container that produces confident and clear Akashic Record Readers and Channels
  • Learn how to access your 5D Lightbody in the Akashic Light School to be a conduit for the Higher Realms

Are you feeling the call of this program?

SPRING LIVE Immersion Program: March 20, 2023 - May 12, 2023

Monday Live Coaching with Anne

Monday Live Coaching with Anne

Mondays: 2:00 pm CST

Discussing Key Elements when working in the Akashic Records

Wednesday Live Intuition and Akashic Records Reading Practice

Wednesday Live Intuition and Akashic Records Reading Practice

Wednesdays: 12 - 1pm CST

Supercharge your development with the group. You'll practice channeling, mediumship, and reading the Akashic Records with others.

Friday Live Q&A

Friday Live Q&A

Fridays: 5 - 6pm CST

Get the answers you won’t find in a book.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

What I'm going to teach you in this guide are exactly the steps that I followed to become a successful and sought-after Akashic Records Practitioner. I want to show you the HOW's and the WHAT's that you need to take in order to become an amazing Reader and a bad-ass boss at your business.

When you enroll during this special,
limited time period, you’ll get:

  • Access to Master the Akashic Records Course:  8 Training Modules, 44 Lessons, and Videos/Worksheets/PDF Downloads
    This self-paced course gives you a great deal of enrichment, knowledge and connection to your intuition, channel and the Akashic Records. This program follows the Connect, Align and Deliver Framework which helps you to follow a step-by-step pathway to use your intuition, activate your channel and work with the Akashic Records.  
  • Participation in the 8-week LIVE Intensive - Become an Akashic Records Guide
    This live interactive program includes weekly Monday Teachings, Wednesday practice and Friday Q&A. This intensive is practice-focused so you can develop your confidence as a channel, intuitive and Akashic Records Reader.  This experience expands your connection to the Higher Realms and activates your psychic portals for receiving.
  • Weekly energetic attunements via meditations 
    During this program, you'll receive a weekly meditation that takes you into the Akashic Light School where you're given special activations and attunements by Archangel Metatron.  This part of your training expands your PHD - your role as a Priest/Priestess of the Higher Dimensions. 
  • Access to a private Facebook Group, Become an Akashic Records Guide Spring 2023 Group
    Connect to a supportive and encouraging community where you can get feedback on your channeled messages, ask for help and receive support from Anne Marie Pizarro and team leaders.
  • Deepen Your Channeling Abilities and Establish Your Connection to the Akashic Records
    This covers 75% of the program and focuses on helping you activate and tune into your psychic and hyper-sentient gifts. Meditations, Sacred Geometrical Activation and self-paced practice exercises elevate your abilities to trust, transmit and receive.
  • Grow, Market and Expand Your Healing Business and Be a Successful Light Agent in the World
    It's possible to have a successful healing business, do what you naturally LOVE to do (which is work with Spirit) and be abundantly prosperous. Create relationships that last the long run, establish referrals that fill your cue, learn how to take GREAT care of your clients so that you can be an Ally and Guide for those that need it.

What’s Inside 'Become an Akashic Records Guide' Program

Week One 

Week Two

Accessing Your Intuition

This week introduces you to the program and helps you get organized with all the moving parts.

You’ll have an opportunity to connect to your intuition and begin working with receiving information. 

Get ready to start a life-changing journey that will add to your spiritual toolkit and prepare you to become a successful reader, channel and guide.

Week 1 Highlights:

  • Receive your Week 1 Akashic Atturement in the Akashic Light School
  • Work with your intuition and use the intuition prayer
  • A special assessment to see where you’re at and where you’re starting on your journey
  • Invitation and introduction into the private Facebook group where you can connect with other students, alumni and team leaders

Week Two

Activating Your Sacred Channel

This week  helps you build a foundation of channeling by showing you how to create sacred space, use special channeling prayers and confirm what you receive.

You’ll also learn how to define your intuitive gifts, methods of receiving and confirming what you get.

Start getting proof that you're receiving through group practice.

Week 2 Highlights:

  • Receive your Week 2 Akashic Attunement in the Akashic Light School
  • Learn how to create a safe and protected space
  • Connect to your psychic gifts and abilities using automatic writing and your Clair abilities
  • Learn how to tune into your Guides and confirm what you receive through the Channeling Prayer.

Week Three

Week Four 

Implementation Week

Implementation weeks are important weeks to put into practice what you've learned.  

You’ll participate in Monday teachings and Wednesday practice where you'll practice using the Channeling Prayer for Others

This practice week with other students will help expand and build up your confidence as your receive feedback from others.


Week 3 Highlights: 

  •  Receive your Week 3 Akashic Attunement in the Akashic Light School
  • Review the protocols for creating a safe, protected and sacred space to work with you and others.
  • Use the Connect, Align and Deliver Framework to practice receiving from your sacred channel .
  • Learn how to tune into your Guides and confirm what you receive.

Week Four

The Akashic Records Level 1

This week helps you build a foundation in the Akashic Records and teaches you how to access your sacred books through a special prayer.

You’ll also learn how to discern and confirm what you receive as you work with your Soul Council.

Working in a safe and protected container helps deepen your intuitive access and amplifies your sentient and psychic gifts.

Week 4 Highlights:

  • Receive your Week 4 Akashic Attunement in the Akashic Light School 
  • Experience a Sacred Heart Activation by planting the Seed of Life
  • Practice opening your Akashic Records and reading the information about your past lives, present circumstances and future potentials.
  • Learn how to use important tools like clearing prayers, grace points and protection prayers.

Week Five

Week Six

Implementation Week

This week is about accessing your Akashic Records through the Level 1 Prayers.

You’ll also learn about different ways to receive and your role as a reader.

Practice group channeling and compare what you receive with other students. This is a great way to receive validation and support from others. 

Week 5 Highlights:

  • Receive your Week 5 Akashic Attunement in the Akashic Light School.
  • Practice using the Protocols to open your Akashic Records
  • Participate in group channeling and compare what you receive with other readers
  • Tune into your Soul Council and Record Keepers and continue to receive messages from your Clair channels

Week Six

The Akashic Records Level 2

This week teaches you how to access other people’s Akashic Records.

You’ll also learn about your role as a Reader and how you can support others in a reading.

Tuning into your psychic abilities also helps others heal as they clear blocks, contracts and agreements from past lives.

Week 6 Highlights:

  • Receive your Week 6 Akashic Attunement in the Akashic Light School
  • Learn how to open the Akashic Records of other people 
  • Experience a Sacred Heart Activation as the Flower of Life and Tree of Knowledge deepens your connection to the Akasha
  • Learn what you types of healing work you can do in the Akashic Records

Week Seven

Week Eight

Implementation Week

This week expands your work accessing thee Akashic Records through the Level 2 Prayers.

You’ll review the Protocols for Opening Other People's Akashic Records.

Get paired up with other students and practice receiving messages from the Akashic Records. 


Week 7 Highlights:

  • Receive your Week 7 Akashic Attunement in the Akashic Light School.
  • Grow your confidence and connection as you work in pairs with other students in the Akashic Records
  • Embrace a sense of relief knowing that you made it through this far and channeling is easy, fun and playful. 

Creating and Marketing Your Akashic Records Practice

This final week discusses how to use the Circle of Operations Model to help build a successful and sustainable flow to your business.

You’ll learn how to nurture your relationships with your Assigned Group so they’ll keep coming back and referring your services.

Discover ways to expand your services without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Week 8 Highlights:

  • Receive your Week 8 Akashic Attunement in the Akashic Light School
  • Experience a confident transformation knowing that you can balance being a healer, reader and business owner
  • Gain access to the tools and strategies to advertise, promote and reach out to the world and your clients
  • Embrace a sense of relief knowing that you made it through the modules and you stretched into your knowing with grace and ease. 

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Thrive, Create and Grow

Bonus - Image

Access to the FB Private Members ONLY page - Value $497

Connect to a community of holistic entrepreneurs, practitioners, channels and Readers and support each other’s journey and wins along the way. Gain accountability as you develop partnerships and pods to help and inspire each other through the 13-weeks course and more.

What You’ll Get:

  • 8 Weeks of Mentoring, Exercise Practices and Live Q&A's on Facebook Group to keep you on pace with the program as it unfolds each week
  • An interactive and supportive Facebook community with students, holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs to give you guidance, feedback and ideas
  • A supportive place to decrease isolation, overwhelm and inferiority as you're building and growing your business and psychic gifts
  • Access to the Spring 2023 Facebook Group for an entire year so that you can maintain relationships, ask questions and receive vital feedback; Support from Anne and her team will only take place for the 8-weeks and will turn into a student-supported group for the rest of the year
Bonus - Image

Ready to Go Templates for Your Business -
Value $197

Why recreate the wheel? Use this proven templates and systems to help your business grow and expand.

What You’ll Get:

  • Templates that you can use for Email introduction, requests, follow-up, support, referrals, marketing, posts
  • A simple client management system to track your client sessions, referrals and flow
  • A simple and easy to use financial tracking tool to monitor your cash flow
  • Recommended Resource Guide that can give you great suggestions on email sales providers, booking systems and programs that can help you grow
Bonus - Image

Healer's Toolkit and Resources -
Value $197

This powerfully packed bonus contains 3 amazing guides that will help you receive answers and information to guide yourself and your clients.

What You’ll Get:

  • Crystal Connection - Top 25 Crystals You Can Use as a Holistic Entrepreneur, Healer and Channel eBook
  • Spirit Animal Connection - Top 25 Spirit Animals and How to Work with Them eBook
  • Spirit Guides Collection - Top 25 Angels and Ascended Masters and How to Work with Them eBook

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1888!

And when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything in:

Become an Akashic Records Guide (BARG) Spring LIVE Intensive

and so much more!

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One time payment of



3 monthly payments:

1st Payment: $377

2nd and 3rd Payment: $377/m


Plus, You’ll Be Backed By a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee logo

I believe that this program, Become an Akashic Records Guide, is unlike any other out there. It's designed to help you succeed as a business owner and thrive as a a Reader.

You DO have to put some time in which is why you'll really see traction happening once you move into the final set up of your business and begin the channeling process.

I offer a Risk-Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee that STARTS once the program begins on March 20, 2023. You have until April 2, 2023 to ask for your refund. This gives you time to do the requirements in order to receive your refund. Once, our team receives these documents, you'll be issued your refund within 3-5 business days. See More Information

What people are saying...

Akashic Records - Cannon Schaub testimonial

Cannon Schaub

“I have to commend you - this workshop is been a fantastic experience. I am beyond impressed at what you’ve put together and in all of how thorough it is. And of course we’ve got the best group working together. I am already sad that it’s going to be over in a month but looking forward to implementing all the knowledge I’ve learned in these last eight weeks.”

Akashic Records - Chailee Porter testimonial

Chailee Porter

“Thank you so much for the Akashic Records Guide course, Anne. It was extremely helpful in guiding me along my path and helping me to feel more confident in my abilities. I really appreciated having so much time to practice to see what my areas of strength were. It was a slow journey for me, and I had a lot of doubt along the journey but you kept encouraging me and helping me through it, and I’m leaning into my own work now. I started doing practice readings after our course and it has steadily gotten easier for me. One of my clients was so pleased with our reading she ended up giving me 9 referrals! I never could have done this without your help and guidance and I’m so grateful for not only the advice on how to create a business but also many ways in which to cultivate and create a safe container to work within. I’m forever grateful for what I’ve gained from this!”

Akashic Records - Joyce Cretelli testimonial

Joyce Critelli

“Thank you Anne for the Akashic Records Weekend Workshop! What terrific classes! I couldn’t believe how much information you packed into 2 days + I loved the breakout sessions. My practice partners were perfect too.”

Become an Akashic Records Guide is PERFECT for you if...

  • You're a curious intuitive or developing channel who wants to build a successful business and do it the right way.
  • You're a holistic practitioner who's struggling to grow and wants to develop a new revenue source.
  • You're a holistic entrepreneur that's willing to put the work in to develop a sustainable and renewable business.
  • You're already putting in the hours to grow your gifts and abilities but need a strategy to hone in your talents, channel and ability to receive.
  • You're nervous about starting out but you have a BIG Vision to serve the world in your own unique and special way.
  • You've worked with Anne Marie Pizarro before and you want to know how she does what she does so you can make it happen for you.
  • You're ready to take the actions that lead to breakthrough, client connections and a profitable and satisfying career.

I can’t wait for you to join and Become an Akashic Records Guide!

My friend,

I've spent the last 13 years steadily growing my Akashic Records Practice, working with hundreds of people all over the world, teaching HOW to work with your Guides and Soul Council while creating a sustainable and sought-after practice. I absolutely LOVE my clients and students and getting to share this information and knowledge with you is EXACTLY the reason I came back on this plane called Earth.

I created this program because I know how effective and powerful this work is. It changed my life 20 years ago and helped me retire fully from an 18-year nursing career in 2016 so that I could fully step into Divine Service and be the Akashic Record Practitioner that I was meant to be. I have prospered and grown more successful since then with a waiting list of clients, private sessions booked out for 4-5 months and a steady stream of income.

THIS is what I want for YOU because I fully believe that you have gifts and talents that can sustain you, help serve the world and raise the vibration of our planet. We all came down here to participate and play at a very high level which is why I am so grateful that you would choose me ans your teacher and Guide to help you make that dream come true.

Remember, this is program is backed by a 14-day Money Back Guarantee and comes with massive levels of support!

I simply just want to ask you ONE thing: Are you READY to take that leap of faith, trust in yourself, do the hard work in order to make it as a successful and sought-after Akashic Records Guide?

If so...I'll meet you on the other side!

Bless up,

Anne Marie Pizarro

Become an Akashic Records Guide (BARG) Spring 2023 LIVE Intensive 

Enroll Today!

One time payment of



3 monthly payments:

1st Payment: $377

2nd and 3rd Payment: $377/m